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When looking for home insurance or car insurance most people will use comparison sites. You will provide all your information then the comparison site will provide you of a list of different companies. You can save yourself a lot of time by doing this as you do not have to visit hundreds of sites and enter your information time and time again. The comparison site will then provide you information about the companies who are willing to insure you. Based on the annual prices, the excess and the type of cover you can then make a decision about which provider is the best for you.


When looking for an instalment loan you can also compare companies. You could just type “instalment loan” into a search engine, however you may not find the best deal for you. If the company has not paid to be at the top of the page, chances are you will not find them. Even if you do, who wants to enter there information into lots of different sites? Some companies will not even advise you of how much you can borrow until you have completed the application. If the company is not offering you enough, you may have wasted your time.


By using a loan broker you can enter your details just once, they will then search for the deals on the market that are best suited to your requirements. Once you have this information you can then make an informed decision about which company that you want to use. With insurance you will check the monthly payment, you can do this with an instalment loan you will also be able to check the total amount repayable and the interest rate.


Some loan brokers will charge you for their services, so when applying make sure that you read the terms and conditions and check the sites frequently asked questions. Here at Sandy Beach, we do not charge you for our services, we are just here to help you find one of the best deals on the market.